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Kids Need More Sleep

The Science Behind a Good Night's Sleep Sleep is critical for health. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it’s “food for the brain.” It regulates metabolism and hormones, regenerates tissue, improves cognitive function and mood, boosts immunity, and so much...

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What Would Happen If You Didn’t Drink Water?

The Importance of Staying Hydrated Sometimes I do not emphasize water and hydration enough to my clients, Needless to say it is essential to our health... and how we feel physically and mentally every day. I would encourage you to use a filtration device of some sort....

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The Truth About Whole Grain

The Most Damaging Food Lie We Have Ever Been Told Dr. Hyman outlines why not all calories are the same and how big food companies have set a health agenda based on profitability. He delves into the truth about “whole grain” and how flour may be much more damaging than...

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The Effects of Sugar on the Human Body and Brain

Sugar is delicious and imperative to basic brain functions, however too much can have detrimental effects on the human body. Read more on the effects of glucose on the brain as well as how many grams of sugar you should be ingesting daily to ensure that you are only...

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Benefits of a Healthy Gut Microbiome

Why the Gut Microbiome is Crucial to Your Health The human gut is full of trillions of microbes (bacteria,viruses,and fungi) responsible for controlling and aiding a wide range of bodily functions. While some of these microbes may be harmful, the majority are vital to...

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The Science of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

How and Why FDN Works The body functions in a phenomenal orchestration of metabolic processes involving cells, tissues, organs, systems, fluids, gases, chemistry and energy - including interactions with other people and a variety of other organisms. Metabolic ChaosTM...

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Chat with Howie

Testimonial - Chat with Howie I recently sat down with one of my clients Howie to chat about how my program has literally changed his life.   If you would like to learn more about my program - schedule a free 30-minute consultation today by calling: (925)...

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