Regain your health and vitality.

The easiest way to find out more about BodyZing Health & Wellness and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® is to attend a free 30-minute consultation (in-person or online).

You will learn about the basic steps involved and how Metabolic Chaos™ is impacting you… AND what you can do to help your body heal.

It is a great opportunity to ask questions and make it more personal.

But let’s outline the basics of what the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® program includes:

  • Comprehensive client intake to better understand your health complaints.
  • Targeted lab tests to asses your Hormones, Immune System, Digestion and Detoxification function. Easily performed in the convenience of your home.
  • Results and recommendation appointment to review your lab test results in detail, and correlate those results back to your health complaints.
  • Holistic self-treatment protocol based on your healing opportunities discovered utilizing our proven D.R.E.S.S For Health Success® program.
  • Follow-up and ongoing support as needed to support your unique issues.

BodyZing Health & Wellness, driven by Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, bridges the gap between clinical nutrition and integrative medicine.

It is about helping you take ownership of your health and wellness.

Isn’t it about time that you felt great again.

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