What people are saying...

Here are a few of the thousands of clients that have been helped by BodyZing Health & Wellness and the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® approach.

Weight & Cholesterol    “After years of struggling with my weight and various health issues, I went from a size 22 to 14 pant size.  Not only do I look and feel better, my doctor said my blood work and cholesterol now look great.”
Barbara  53yr

Chronic Fatigue    “I had no idea how tired I had really become, it just crept up on me over the years. Especially mid day, I could almost take a nap standing up. Not only do I have more energy, I just feel so much better and more mentally sharp.”
Karen  36yr

A Believer     “I weighed myself this a.m. for the first time since starting the program (approx. 6 weeks) and have lost 7lbs without really trying. Bonus!! Exercise time is way down too and I even traveled a lot (during this period of time). Now I am a true believer. Rick 50yr

Blood Pressure    “My blood pressure for the past few years was running in the 152 / 96 range. I am now completely off blood pressure medication and pretty consistently I am in the 114 / 78 range. And I just feel so much better overall, especially without the side-effects of the medication.”
Kent   52yr

Feeling Great    “I am just feeling great, better than I ever have.”
Andrea 65yr

Gut          “After numerous doctor and specialist appointments over the years my stomach was still not working like it should. Needless to say this was impacting my life in a very negative way. Just wish I had taken this step sooner. All working good down there now!
Debbie  46yr

Stress            “It just got to the point where any added stress in my life would really weigh me down. I just couldn’t handle it like I use too and it was really catching up with me at home and work. Low energy, major mood swings, and just not thinking right. Happy to say that I am feeling sooo much better!”
Julie  48yr

Skin         “For years I battled a skin condition that was extremely itchy and very irritating. Would come and go and make me almost neurotic, also affected my lips and eyes. Creams, remedies, etc, etc, tried to no avail. It is now gone and I feel like a human again.”
Mary  59yr

Metabolic Syndrome          “So my doctor said I had metabolic syndrome. What? Well high blood pressure, pre type 2 diabetes, high triglycerides I guess that sums it up. And my stomach was not so working so well either. Lots of numbers in my lab work told me I was headed down the wrong road. And of course the underlying threat of prescriptions to deal with it. All that has radically changed, no meds and I can’t believe how great I feel.”
Jerry  59yr

Metabolic Chaos will find your weak link… but you too can heal.

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