Your Ailments

What does your health look like.

Below are typical health complaints associated with Metabolic Chaos™. You can use this checklist to take a quick survey of your health.

Although we often work with clients that have multiple health complaints…that is not always the case.

In fact if you answer YES to even one of these complaints and it is disrupting your life… you may be experiencing the impact of Metabolic Chaos.

Metabolic Chaos™  Survey
Print this page and check off ☑ any symptom that applies to you.


  • Tend to gain weight, especially around the waist area.
  • Often experience extreme fatigue during the day.
  • Seem to be more prone to colds and flu, and allergies.
  • Takes me awhile to get going in the morning.
  • Have frequent and unexplained headaches.
  • Wake up feeling tired or un-refreshed, even after a good night of sleep.
  • Frequently have muscle weakness or aches and pains.
  • Seem to be losing lean muscle mass and / or loss in strength.
  • Often need coffee or other stimulant to get me going in the morning.
  • Often experience an afternoon energy low, have to force myself to keep going.
  • Have low energy before a meal and feel better after eating.
  • Often need coffee, colas, chocolate, sugar or high fat foods to keep going.
  • Often crave salty foods.
  • Become shaky, irritable or hungry if I miss or skip a meal.
  • Often experience digestion and gut related issues.
  • Often feel better or have more energy after 6:00 PM.
  • Often get a second burst of energy a “second wind” late at night.
  • Have difficulty falling asleep at night or insomnia.
  • Often struggle to keep up with life’s daily demands.
  • My ability to deal with stress or stressful situations has decreased.
  • Have experienced severe stress or long periods of stress in the past.
  • Commonly experience mild to severe anxiety.
  • Commonly experience mild to severe depression.
  • Decreased tolerance for people or situations that upset or irritate me.
  • Ability to stay focused or my cognitive ability has decreased.
  • Memory seems to be more challenged.
  • Experience unexplained skin issues, acne or rosacea.
  • Have low blood pressure.
  • Have high blood pressure.
  • Get dizzy or lightheaded if I stand up or sit up too quickly.
  • Frequently feel cold or have a decreased tolerance for cold.
  • My hands are often cold.
  • Sex drive or libido is noticeably less than it used to be.
  • Currently taking medication or supplements for one of the above symptoms.

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