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Gina was 15 years old when her life changed. Her dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer. He lived for only 6 months from his date of diagnosis until his death on Gina’s 16th birthday. Since then, she has been driven to make an impact in the lives of people touched by cancer and supporting their overall health.

A few years after her father’s passing, most likely due to the stress and grief she experienced, she became ill. After a year plus of confusion, testing, and many specialists, she was diagnosed with Lupus.

At this time, she decided to turn down conventional treatment and take charge of her health. She changed her diet, practiced self-care, managed her stress, and took better care of her emotional and mental health. 

Gina Bowen
Certified Wellness Coach

Within 5 years, she was symptom free and tested negative for Lupus. It has been over 10 years that Gina has lived in “remission” and is committed everyday to her health and wellness.

Through her own experience and understanding the many challenges that went with it, she has been driven to help others on their own health journeys to make it easier, less confusing and less stressful. She is fulfilling her passion now as a cancer and wellness coach and her mission is to help others get into and stay in remission by guiding and supporting them to make powerful changes in an easy and completely manageable way.

Gina Bowen is a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach and Certified Wellness Coach. She received her Masters in Education from Mills College and her BA in Human Development from California State University, Sacramento.

Gina has a wonderfully supportive husband, two young children and a dog. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with family and friends, enjoys the outdoors, being active, reading, learning, and traveling.

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